Cheap and Best Antivirus in India

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Desktop Computer/Laptop Computer or modern day Smartphones, whatever you use to access the internet has tons of information's overloaded over the internet, We access this world wide web more time than ever. And Internet revolution has already begun to occupy the major households.

Like the useful tons of information and entertainment out there, there is equal amount of bad things in the internet. Which can really make things in your life very much worse. However government and some internet organizations try to limit the bad guys. It is not at all possible for them to get their hands on them, due to the extensive technologies. 

Internet is similar to the Knife, the man invented ages ago. With knife there is endless benefits of crafting things, cutting vegetables etc., also with knife one can kill a man and conquer the kingdom. Internet is much much more powerful than the knives in both good and bad things. It is our Job to safeguard our-self from the Internet, on accessing the internet. Almost its impossible for a person to personally safeguard from major bad things from internet, that is where antivirus fills the space in.

What is Antivirus?

To be in layman terms, Antivirus is a set of computer programs, that can detect and destruct the harmful files and actions, which was carried out by a set of programs called computer viruses, which will destruct or steal the data from the day to day operation of your work in the computer. 

In simple terms your computer will become fault and may cause the stored years of data gets wiped out/stolen in a moment. No one likes the scenario. Over the years the computer viruses are evolved a lot by the programmers who develop them. 

And so the prevention from them Antivirus companies have evolved a lot. There are literally thousands of programmers in a hundreds of antivirus companies who are trying to protect you and your system from the bad hands. Since they invest a huge amount of time and work, they charge to some extent for their services, like every other services in the world. 

Lets come to the topic. We list some of the best Antivirus available in the market. Here we list cheap and best antivirus available in India. These antivirus products we listed are email delivery, so that in a day you can setup and safeguard your devices. 

Kaspersky Total Security:

* It blocks viruses, cryptolockers and threats around the world. 
* Stops Webcam access which is required by apps, browsers and default camera in your device.
* Parental Control is available, to safeguard your kids.
* Secured browser connection for accessing banking payment related sites.
* Password locker to store your passwords

Get Kaspersky Total Security.

Norton Antivirus

* It Helps defend against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats
*Advanced security helps protect your private and financial information when you go online
*From the moment you subscribe, a Norton expert will help keep your device(s) virus-free
*Secures multiple PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets with a single subscription
*Helps you manage protection for all your devices with an easy-to-use Web portal
*Includes premium family safety features so your kids can explore their connected world safely‡
*Automatically backs up your photos, financial files and other important documents on your Windows PC
*Includes 25 GB of secure cloud storage for your PC with the option to add more as your needs change