5 Beautiful Butterfly Facts

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Butterflies are the most beautiful insects in the world. Here are some facts about butterfly
Image of a beautiful butterfly

1. Ever wonder, how the name Butterfly came up. 
Any one can tell, the name Butterfly derives from the word Butter and fly, But it doesn't gives any meaning. Actually the reason for this name is unknown. yes, still unknown. We may conclude the name was given by some romantic poet.

2.Migration like Birds
Some species of butterflies like monarch and painted lady migrate like birds from hundreds to thousands of miles, while the normal butterflies lifespan were just weeks.

3. Butterfly's sense of taste= 200 x human's sense of taste.
Naturally butterfly got a very strong sense of taste than humans, almost 200 times stronger.

4. Butterfly inspired Technologies

Yes , the natural phenomenon of butterfly gave us inspirations in the field of
Nanotechnology research and innovation of more efficient Light Emitting Diode.

5. Butterflies land on people to drink sweat.
Fully formed (adult) Butterflies consumes only liquids, They get nectar from flowers and derives water from damp patches and other medium for hydration. But don't feed them with water alone, remember it consumes liquids not water alone.  They sometime however land on peoples attracted by the salt in human sweat. yes may be beautiful sweat.

So next time when a butterfly lands on you, doesn't mean you are sweet, but sweat.