How to post the wishes and Greetings to friends,forums and website

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Wonder how to post the wishes and greetings to your friends, favourite forums and or to your website or wherever. All you need to do is very simple.

Just follow the below simple instructions to get posted your wishes and greetings on you desired places.

For Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pin it are very easy and a seperate button for each of the site are provided as below in every wishes and greetings which is very easy with just one click. However you can also send this wishes to everyone in the friend list.

For Stumble upon, Digg,Delicious, Reddit and other social platforms check out the +SHARE button to post your wishes and greetings to your friends.

For B.B Forums., 

B.B Forums are very large in number nowadays. So we gave how to post in that too. which is very simple and we provide a simple box also below. Just copy (Ctrl+C) and paste(Ctrl+V) in your forum  to post it., its done.,

For website
Just post our pic, we require no attribution. However altering our logo is not acceptable.